One month after Bemetara blast, eight remain missing

Raipur | Correspondent: It has been over a month since the explosion at the Special Blast Limited factory in Bemetara district, yet the administration has provided no information about the missing workers.

Families of the missing workers have reluctantly lost hope and accepted that their loved ones have passed away.

Many are exhausted from repeatedly approaching the police and administration, as there is still no information about the remains of the deceased.

While collecting DNA samples from the families of the missing workers, officials assured them that they would receive the reports within a week, but it has now been a month.

When families visit police stations to inquire, they are silenced without any answers.

Drained family members have begun making clay effigy of their lost member to perform funeral rites.

On May 25 early around six in the morning at Special Blast factory at Borsi of Bemetara went through a sudden explosion killing numerous labors. The factory manufactured gunpowder.

Until now there is no specific information about the number of deceased’s’. District administration has reported one causality and eight missing leaving seven severely injured.

After the incident took place the factory management had promised Rs 30 lakh each to the families of the deceased and missing workers.

Additionally, Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai directed that Rs 5 lakh be given to each family. However, it is reported that these amounts have not yet been received by the families.

Furthermore, the investigation into the explosion has been put on hold.

A case has been registered against Special Blast Company officer Awadhesh Jain under Sections 286, 337, 304 (A), and Sections 9B and C of the Explosive Substances Act, but no arrests have been made so far.

Worker Sevakram died in the blast, and Pushparaj Devdas, Vijay Devdas, Raju Dhruv, Neeraj Dhruv, Loknath Yadav, Shankar Yadav, Narhar Yadav, and Bhishma Sahu have been missing since the incident.

Indrakumar Raghuvanshi, Dilip Dhruv, Neeraj Yadav, Chandan Kumar, Manohar Yadav, Ravi Kurre, and Sheshnath Nishad were seriously injured in the explosion.

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