alarming increase in suicide rates in Bastar

Raipur | Correspondent: Tribal dominated Bastar in Chhattisgarh has recently emerged as a concerning hub for a sudden surge in suicides.

The influence of social media platforms is becoming a significant factor leading to negative psychological outcomes.

Recent incidents that took place in Bastar where an 11-year-old Ritesh from a small village Gadhchiliyara and nine-year-old Durjan from Dumarpadar hanged themselves over a minor issue where parents refused them to use cell phones.

Similarly, another 11-year-old Abhinav resident of Jagdalpur jumped to his death in the Indravati River after being denied more mobile phone time.

Additionally, 24-year-old Sushma Shrivas from Kondagaon committed suicide five days before her wedding following a verbal quarrel with her fiance. In another case, a teenage couple of hardly 17 and 18 respectively hanged themselves to death after their families instructed them to focus on studies rather than on their love angle.

According to experts, individuals spending maximum time over smartphones or online likely to come across suicidal factors including depression, thinking about suicide.

Vulnerable people who would otherwise not have had mental health issues may have slipped into depression due to too much screen time.

According to police records, 211 individuals committed suicide in Bastar in 2023, with 191 hanging themselves and 20 consuming poison.

From January to June 25 this year, 92 suicides have been reported, with 77 by hanging and 15 by poisoning.

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports show that India has one of the highest suicide rates globally. In 2022, 171,000 people committed suicide, a 3% increase from 2021, which recorded 164,033 suicides. The year 2020 saw 152,780 suicides.

Issues such as violent behavior from video games, social isolation, and cyberbullying are contributing to mental illness among youths.

These negative aspects are severely impacting adolescents, pushing them towards dangerous steps like suicide over seemingly small issues.

Major reasons behind these suicides include professional or career-related problems, feelings of isolation, abuse, violence, family issues, mental disorders, alcohol addiction, financial loss, and personal reasons.

The fast-paced life and increasing stress are driving more people to see suicide as a solution to their problems. This trend cuts across all age groups and socio-economic statuses.

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