10 minors escape from Raipur juvenile home

Raipur | Correspondent: 10 minor delinquents escaped breaking the windows from the juvenile home in Mana of the capital city on Saturday morning.

Reportedly, the windows of the child juvenile home were very old with rusted railings, windows and in dilapidated condition which made it easy for the boys to flee.

As soon as the Mana police received the information, they began searching for the hideouts of the absconding.

These minors have been habitual offenders. All of them were detained for various heinous crimes.

The incident has raised several questions about the state of the juvenile home.

Such incidents have occurred before, yet the administration has not taken the situation seriously.

Last time the delinquent children had escaped by overpowering the guard.

On 26th June, three delinquent children had escaped from the Child Protection Home of Korba district, and the police have not been able to trace them till now.

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